Series 4: Learning technical stuff faster

Series 4: Learning technical stuff faster

Continuing to the blogs series that is determined to help you to learn things faster We are discussing some crucial points like

Remembering things Some people really do have a terrible memory. This can be quite an issue and can impact their ability to learn new things. But there is a remedy for this issue. to have a system of self-repetition

The core concept of spaced repetition is to strengthen your memory by accessing it right when it starts to fade into thin air. Every time you do this the memory is going to last a little longer. Even when it seems complicated there are certain tools that can automatically aid you to keep track of stuff.

Ever heard of the Leitner box, it's a physical box that contains a few hundred index cards. the cards can be reviewed every day, you can just review a handful of them. If you really want to dive deeper into this spaced repetition stuff. I recommend you to see this blog by Mr.Nicky Case “How to Remember Anything Forever-ish”.

Developing a habit out of it

If you commit to spending a certain period of time learning something new. Which one of you prefers spending 7 hours a day out of a weekend or 7 different hours every day of the week? Obviously, it is sometimes more successful when spending small amounts of time in a frequently allocated time period. Our hypothesis to explain why it's so effective for people is The human brain processes and commits to newly updated information learned every day. try to take advantage of this every day, not just weekly once Because of the repeated practice every day, it will be really easy for you to pick up right where you left off. You don't have to spend enough time refreshing. Also for you, it can get challenging to stay focused to sustain motivation after the novelty of the subject wears off. If a daily routine is matched there is much of a concern to maintaining motivation. The task will become a part of your daily routine

Public learning Ever heard of Swyx’s philosophy it's nothing but by publishing our learning status we can update and help our future selves. It must be done when you come across something new. Create document records like blogs or tweets or Youtube videos Its definitely not a waste of time, the benefits that are obtained from this is You can explain something to yourself thoroughly. Writing any blog will have such an effect on it. it's the best way to identify the knowledge gap that exists in your mind It will prevent you from resolving the same issue again and again. If you ever write a blog in detail to explain stuff to yourself And you can become an active participant in the DevOps community. If you shared the newfound Items online with them constantly. it will help you to promote your career It's not very important to keep these things perfect, All you have to focus on while doing this is whether what you are trying to say is understandable to the other member of the community. Happy Learning everyone, see you all soon in our upcoming blog of this amazing series

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