Series 1:  How to learn Technical Stuff faster

Series 1: How to learn Technical Stuff faster

This series of upcoming blogs will provide you with tips that can help you to learn technical skills effectively

The web had made all the knowledge available to humans a common thing. The entire source of information that is available is just a search away. But still, we have access just to half of the story. Also, our humanity prevents us from effectively converting raw information into applicable skills

For most of us, this gap can turn all kinds of tutorials into solitary confinement, you must all have experienced that feeling of being stuck in * an hour Udemy course forever and the feeling of making substantive progress with the learning process

The following series of Blogs by Skill Safari is going to be a crucial thing for a Software Developer because going through this can educate you on how to practically learn new stuff immediately. It can be language, frameworks or tools. This is the best way for you to become far more productive than the average developer you see on the next desk… Trust me guys you're going to be granted a superpower by the end of this little reads Learn with and without a guided formula.

These two main categories are just so simple to understand

  • With a guided formula, you will be involved with a tutorial or a course, sitting through a YouTube video.
  • In the Unguided process. Creatin things happened like an extension of the learning process. Applying stuff and building things from scratch.

Following the guided resources can take to straight to hardship. There won't be a chance to learn how to solve the problems that you're going to face. It's more likely to happen when you build the project on your own, no one is going to know where they should start. It's like shooting at a board for years and can’t fire a single shot on a real target. There are different kinds of practical skills my friend.

On the other hand, if you immerse yourself in unguided learning. It's definitely going to take forever to find the trigger. without an experienced person to formulate your progress. You can spend months solving pre-solved issues all by yourself. That's a long and frustrating journey to take. Many people quit altogether from the process assuming that a load of tasks requires far more intelligence than they possess.

Some courses like our own Full stack Development Course. Understand the Bipolar nature of the learning process in humans and provide students with an opportunity to learn in dual ways. Things like assigning self-organized assignments and challenging exercises. But these are quite rare to find.

Feel free to explore our course curriculum or chat with Trainers who are dedicated to creating professionals out of students.

So, after this elaborative description of the progress involved in learning, We will see some amazing ideas that will guide you to attain this remarkable ability to learn through anything you desire, Make sure you go through those valuable ideas shared in this series of educational blogs published by Skill Safari.

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