Influence of Programming and Mr.Alan Turing

Influence of Programming and Mr.Alan Turing

Everything in this world has been changed for the better by computer programming. Our everyday lives have changed into the easier versions of themselves because of their ability to solve problems that never seem to be resolved before. Imagine living in the late 1600s and needing to connect with someone from Asia. Almost an impossible task right. But today we see it has made possible in the modern world and know everything seems possible. You must be using Instagram right? Watch the world about what's happening and how about video calls across continents and those awesome web series you watched yesterday. Every piece of innovative technology we use today is a direct result of programming. Programming is where you create a set of rules and commands to tell a system to perform specific tasks. After the introduction of programming and its protocols. It just made it easy to scale things just by bringing the computers to do the medicare repetitions allowing us humans to concentrate on bigger issues and resolve them effectively Not very far in the past, the field of programming had no name for itself but in the past few decades, A mass number of mathematicians, engineers and scientists build the foundations of the framework in modern-day technology.

So this is what we are going to talk about in upcoming blogs all the people who worked so hard to improve the world experience in this virtual world of programming. I urge you to stick close to follow up on those valuable insights

For starters let’s see the brief introduction of one of the legends on our list. Let's see how many can guess some details about them from your general know-it stuff.

Here we introduce Mr. Alan Turning. Just kidding, because this man literally introduced modern-day computers to us And this is what he actually forecasted about the current world during the past where he lived

“One day ladies will take their computers for walks in the park and tell each other, “My little computer said such a funny thing this morning.” Alan Turing

He is known as the father of modern computers. He created a machine that stimulated computer algorithms it's known as the [Turing machine]. And shared the possibilities of computer intelligence in his University journals. He got admitted to the University of Cambridge in 1931 whew he learned the foundation of mathematics. He drafted research papers on Probability Theory which secured him a fellowship at King’s College. During the year of 1936, his attempt to solve the Entscheidungsproblem puzzle leads him to invent the model of the modern computers that are used today During the World war years, Turing successfully figured out how to decode Enigma cipher machine encryption devices that were being used by the Nazis to communicate in a coded language. He and his colleague managed to develop a machine known as Bombe which had a capacity to scan more than 160 billion- billion possibilities. And this has changed everything about the war, I mean the allies won by knowing what the Germans are going to do next

Even after all this, the social immaturity of people in his era refused to acknowledge his talents because of his homosexual orientation.

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